Alex Styl (short for Alexandros Stylianidis) is a Product Designer based in London, UK. Currently, a proud member of the awesome Novoda team.

I have a great interest in human-computer interactions and how we can create interactions that enhance our everyday lives. In 2014, I studied how people use technology and researched new ways of improving it in the University of Birmingham, where I graduated with a MSc in Human-Computer Interactions. My final project was focused on ubiquitous computing and cross-device interactions, which was later published and presented in CHI2017’s Late-Breaking Work.

I am an active member of the Android community, contributing with blogposts, conferences and meet-ups worldwide. You can find my talks on speakerdeck. Other than attending Android conferences, I am also involved in the GDG Android Athens. Once per month you can find me hosting DesignLab over Google Campus in London. It’s our monthly design meetup with design talks of different fields of digital design.

Hobbies include sketching and photography and sometimes tinkering.