I will be doing a workshop for the MUXL2017 conference in London on Friday, November 10, 2017. You can find more information on the official MUXL 2017 website


Technology is all around us – digital boards and public displays on the streets, self-checkouts in stores, computers in our workspaces, smart TVs and devices in our houses. We even tend to carry it with us to help us connect with our loved ones or entertain us. Even though it plays a big part of our everyday life, some devices are not easily usable by everyone. This might be a constant issue to some, such as a visual impaired user using their phone, but also something temporary, such as being not being able to listen well in a busy place. In this workshop you’ll learn about the different types of users or situations to consider and how to create more inclusive products that your users and your business can benefit from.

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Make it better, for Everyone

Not so long ago, computing was a luxury for the selected few. Just a small number of people had access to a computer and less so, to the internet. This changed dramatically after the release of the smartphone. Computing became more personal and people started using technology more than ever.