Alex Styl (short for Alexandros Stylianidis) is a Software Engineer based in London. Alex has a strong technical background in Computer Science as well as design having both academic and industrial experience.

Alex started his carrer as an Android Developer in 2012. Since then he has worked with various recognised brands such as Novoda, Channel 4, The Times and Apple. Outside of industry work, Alex has worked on various well received open souce projects which can be found on Github. He has also been involved in tech communities such as GDG Android Athens and Design Lab London.

In 2014, Alex studied how people use technology and researched new ways of improving it in the University of Birmingham, where he graduated with a MSc in Human-Computer Interactions. For the final project of the studies, Alex developed SenseBelt, a wearable that allowed the user to sense nearby devices in the space and enabled novel human to computer and human to human interactions. The work has then been published and presented in CHI2017’s Late-Breaking Work.

In 2021, Alex left his full time job at Apple in order to work on personal projects and understand how to turn them profitable (story). Follow Alex on Twitter to be notified about new product releases and new new articles.