A cover of an eBook titled "From View to Composable" and the caption of "Save hundreds of hours in learning Jetpack Compose; Pre-Order available

I am writing an eBook on Jetpack Compose!

The e-Book aims to save you hundreds of hours from:

❌ looking up outdated Jetpack Compose answers on StackOverflow & Google

❌ watching verbose videos on YouTube

❌ reading complicated official documentation

❌ going through Medium blog posts to find the one article you need

The eBook is written by a dev for devs ♥️

✅ Start using Jetpack Compose straight away

✅ Includes code snippets for every common case

✅ No fluff, on-to-the-point explanations of Jetpack Compose

Everything that you need to transfer your knowledge from Views to Jetpack Compose and start using Compose straight away is included:

The eBook is now available for pre-order 🚀

Thank you for supporting my work!

Anyone pre-ordering receives a $50 discount to the final released price.

More info at: viewtocomposable.com