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I am heading to Asia to meet other makers

I am on the plane heading to Asia to meet other makers building online businesses. Working solo growing your online businesses leaves you spending many hours...

🚀 Post–launch Audiobites

On Monday, September 20th 2021, Audio Bites was launched on Product Hunt (PH). This is an overview of how it went.

✍️ Level’s Tl;dr Mba

On July 21, 2017, Pieter Levels shared a thread on Twitter about what he learnt during his MBA degree.

Happiness over profit

Ever since I can remember myself I have been attracted to activities that let me create new things.

✍️ Make It Better, For Everyone

Not so long ago, computing was a luxury for the selected few. Just a small number of people had access to a computer and less so, to the internet. This chang...

🗣 Inclusive Design In Action

I will be doing a workshop for the MUXL2017 conference in London on Friday, November 10, 2017. You can find more information on the official MUXL 2017 website

✍️ In Plain Words, Machine Learning

Voice recognition, face recognition, text recognition are only some possibilities that are enabled through Machine Learning. It is a technology that can allo...

🗣 Machine Learning For Designers

Machine learning is the new cool buzz word of the computer industry. You hear it being thrown to most new and existing products by the big companies such as ...

✍️ Working With The Layout Preview

Isn’t it annoying when trying to create an Android layout, but the Layout Preview doesn’t seem to be working? Some times it is completely empty, or some weir...

✍️ Exposing The Searchbar

I have been receiving some user feedback for my app that the feature they are missing the most is search. For an app that contains information from different...